Southern Sierra Goddess Gathering 2018 Tehachapi, California

Southern Sierra Goddess Gathering 2018 Tehachapi, California
01.12.2018, 17:00
in CA
This is our 3rd annual Southern Sierra Goddess Gathering.

SSGG is a women's empowerment retreat for adult women of all ages! Here we grow, share, and inspire. We bond, connect, and network. We make things happen, and get stuff done. All the while, we play, laugh, love, and learn.

This year our theme is AMAZON WOMAN and we will be making MAGIC AT THE MARRIOTT at the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Tehachipi, CA all weekend.

Starting Friday, January 12 at 5pm and finishing Sunday the 14th at 3pm, 2018!

Are you channeling your inner Amazon Woman?

Amazon Woman is giant in spirit, sharp of mind, and carries with her an open heart with every mindful step she places on the Earth.

Amazon Woman is full of light. She is vibrant, radiant, and shines brightly wherever she ventures. Amazon Woman embodies shadow and does not fear it, nor run from it.

Amazon Woman lives fully with the knowledge that everything is possible. She embodies both the feminine and masculine energy divinely and flows in the balance.

She is a lover, adventurer, and a journey-master. She knows nature as her deepest companion. The animals guide her to her truest and highest purpose. She sings to the ocean and dances under the moon. She runs with the wind and stands tall with the trees.

She knows how to fight… but chooses instead to defend the peace of the planet... for all life is sacred. Amazon Woman believes in the Oneness. She is master of arrows and swords, using the mindset of battle only when necessary. Her skills are always sharp because she is the protectress. She is Queen.

She is you. She is me. We are Amazon Woman.

Do you crave TRIBE?
Do you want to up your VIBE?

I sincerely invite you to gather together, share your talents, learn from your sisters, build ties within your tribe, and create brilliant ideas that better our communities, environment, and lives. Let yourself be seen, and witness your sisters. Hold space for each other. Be.

Top 5 ways you'll be transformed by SSGG:

-You'll have a life changing experience you'll always remember
-You'll make many new friends that will last a lifetime if they are nurtured
-You'll have healed childhood wounds in safety and solace
-You will have released unwanted/outdated beliefs and created new positive neurological pathways in your brain
-You'll feel full! Full, recharged, rejuvenated, creative, inspired... ready to share your gift with the world

Great Group Rates & Early-Bird Tickets are on sale now at

If you buy your ticket in September, and you attend with 4 or more friends, your lowest total ticket price for the weekend is only $150! If you wait till December and come on your own, the maximum total ticket price you would pay is still only $450! (More details on tickets here.)

You can also sponsor 2 other women to attend by purchasing a Scholarship Ticket for $1000.

What a steel for a weekend full of renowned Presenters, Hand-Made-Only Vendors, wise women and tribe members from all over the world, and gourmet vegetarian cuisine with whom to share it!

Final Registration closes December 31st, 2017

We are now also accepting applications for SSGG 2018 Presenters, Vendors, and Supporters.

We open a few slots each year to new presenters, healers, and Vendors. Please come share your gifts with us. There is a short application to fill out. You will hear back from us either way, but if we think you’ll be a good fit, we will give you all the details. Presenters only pay for lodging and Vendors pay for lodging and $150 their ticket +20% of sales. We also have 2 Supporter positions open.


Dearest Goddesses, some things change and some things stay the same each year. You’ll see many of the same faces year after year which builds trust, but you’ll also see new faces and have new experiences. Each SSGG will be a life changing experience and affirmation of self!

We cannot wait to see you there.

Reserve your spot now.
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